Osatu Sprayers


The Osatu sprayers are especially designed and manufactured for garden and agricultual use. A wide range of sizes and styles are avalible to suit your every need.


It is a pleasure to enjoy a well-looked after garden. One of the most important garden tools and which makes work easier is the sprayer. The Osatu range has a wide variety of sprayers, from light, easy-to-handle domestic sprayers for pots and small areas to compression sprayers ideal for work outdoors, from balconies and terraces to vegetable gardens and medium (200 m2) and large (1,500 m2) gardens. They are very useful for protecting plants in all processes requiring spraying and distributing fertilisers, pesticides, etc


The Osatu range has a variety of sprayer models with different capacities that are comfortable, functional and easy use for agricultural use too. Farmers and agricultural technicians producing plants and vegetable products know that to keep their lands productive and in a good state, a series of basic jobs and care have to be planned: choose the right plants for the operation, plan the cultivation, watering and fertilisation operations, phytosanitary treatments, harvesting, etc. Using tools like knapsack trigger sprayers is important in achieving good results.


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