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12 x PLANT SUPPORT RINGS – 15″ – 40 cm Diameter with 40 cm STAKES

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Our plant supports rings solves, one of the difficulties of growing tall plants such as dahlias, gladioli etc is the problem of securing them against the wind.



We have been importing from Holland for a number of years, a plant support which overcomes this problem. It is a light, green plastic ring of 15” in diameter with spokes leading to a small inside ring with suitable 2 piece stake

Any garden cane with a diameter of 10-12mm will fit into the special patented center. During the growing period of the plant, the support can be raised higher and higher up the cane. In this way growing plants are protected against the wind and can develop freely. There is no longer any danger that the plants will fall down before the best flowering time.

25cm and 30cm Supports are available from our Shop as are larger pack sizes and combination of two or all three sizes. If you require any combination of supports not listed please ask for a quotation.