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Airostar ULV Cold Fogger, Hand Held , Electric, Fogging, Disinfection

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Fine Micron Size

No dripping thanks for its fine droplet size


High Air Velocity

Star can generate higher air velocity by its
stronger battery power.
Air velocity is higher, fogging distance is
longer and micron size is finer.


Superior Battery

The Battery quality enables AiroStar to run
continuously for 1 hour at high air velocity.
Taking air velocity and battery running time
into consideration, AiroStar’s performance
is outstanding


Brushless Motor

This type of motor has a longer service
life than some other’s brush type of


Extension Hose

AiroStar is the battery-operated fogger
which has hose fitting.
By 50cm extension hose, the application
area is enlarged; the treated area can be
focused with more flexibility.



AiroStar casing is same as the
U260/U240’s, made from the flame
retardant nylon.
Other brands are made of PP or normal
nylon not having non-flammable



All materials contacting with solution are
made of high-quality acid resistant


User-friendly Design of Solution Tank

Big opening of solution tank makes the job
easier for every time refilling and cleaning.

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