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Matabi GreenCity 2 the best Garden Sprayers for balconies and terrace

£23.95 exc. VAT

With the purchase of each sprayer, GreenCity gifts you with an exclusive course on “How to create your Urban Garden at home” by Marta Rosique.

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Greencity 2 Versatile spraying

It can be used to humidify, fertilise and to eliminate pests and diseases. Also to water without washing nutrients away from the roots.

You can configure it in the way that best suit your plants: Using the hose and lance for the higher areas. Using just the lance in the less accessible corners or spraying directly with the nozzle.

The hose

The hose is 1.3 m long with a 13 cm lance on the end.

With this hose you can reach the most awkward areas without difficulty, including the plants hanging over the balcony and those that are higher up.

It reaches every corner of your green space without damaging your plants.

With its 13 cm lance you can reach the most inaccessible places.

It doesn’t matter if the plant is bushy and dense, you can still spray your fertiliser or pesticide without hitting any leaves.