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GreenCity 700 sprayer a small caretaker for small green spaces

£10.74 exc. VAT

With the purchase of each sprayer, GreenCity gifts you with an exclusive course on “How to create your Urban Garden at home” by Marta Rosique.

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Greencity 700, a must-have in your home.

For compact areas.

You water and provide humidity for a small balcony.

If you have a kitchen garden or a large terrace, GC700 can be used as a back-up for fertilising or treating plants that are suffering from pests or fungus.

One of the main advantage is that the lance is not pointing upwards because of many reasons:

  • When spraying, it stays parallel to your forearm so it doesn’t hit the plants when you move it closer to them.
  • It is also ergonomic, as it adapts to the shape of your arm and the grip of your hand.
  • It has a translucent tank so you can see how much liquid is inside.
  • It takes up little space and is easy to store.

Technical information

Code:    8.41.47

Usable Capacity: 0.7 L – 14 Oz

Total Capacity: 0.7 L – 14 Oz

Net Weight:       0,15 kg – 0,33 lbs

Level Indicator: The translucent tank allows you to see the contents.

Lance:   13 cm – 15 in

Nozzles:              2