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No 27 Original Solo Sprayers Brass Pump Action Garden Sprayer for Garden, Fruit trees, Allotment

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No. 27 Brass Pump Double Action Sprayer

First manufactured by us (Solo Sprayers Ltd) in the 1920’s and
we are still making them this present day!

Known as the model 27, the traditional brass double action
sprayer is still popular after 95 years!

The double action sprayers are still our most powerful sprayers
and are ideal for spraying tall fruit trees with winter tar wash, creosoting
fencing and sheds as well as the application of pesticides and insecticides. To
use just drop the hose into the bucket of spray liquid and operate the spray
like a bicycle pump.

This is your chance to purchase a NEW original No. 27

The most efficient sprayer on the market. Indispensable for lime
washing, creosoting, insecticides spraying etc.

Key Features:

  • Solid brass pump
  • Adjustable nozzle giving a
    variation between jet and very fine spray
  • 18″ brass extension lance
    for work above normal height
  • Brass angle bend for reaching
    the underneath of leaves branches etc
  • 10ft plastic suction hose with
    brass strainer and bucket clip


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