4 Litre Cuprinol Spray and Brush 2 in 1 Sprayer, Garden Fence Sp
[Spray & Brush]

4 Litre Cuprinol Spray and Brush 2 in 1 Sprayer, Garden Fence Sp

Cuprinol Spray and Brush 2 in 1 Sprayer


Want to paint your sheds and fences in a fraction of the time?

Use the new Cuprinol Spray and Brush.

This unique 2 in 1 innovation gives the speed and ease of a sprayer combined with the control and precision of a brush - for the perfect finish.

  • The Spray and Brush makes it easy to transform your garden into a brighter, more inviting place.
  • Twice the speed of a brush.
  • Reusable and replaceable parts.
  • Parts will dismantle for easy cleaning with water.
  • The new quick and easy way to transform your garden
  • With the precision of a brush and the speed of a spray
  • Quickly give your garden an exciting new look
  • Compatible with Garden Shades, One Coat Sprayable and other products
  • Speed and ease of a spray, control and coverage of a brush
  • Less drips and minimizes overspray
  • Reusable
  • Replaceable parts are available here: http://www.solosprayers.co.uk/index.php/cPath/66_98
  • Size H47, W19, D19cm.
  • Weight 2.3kg.



Cuprinol: Spray & Brush Painting Demo

How to use your Cuprinol Spray & Brush for optimum coverage and precision.


Cuprinol: Spray and Brush Cleaning Guide

Seven quick and easy steps for keeping your Cuprinol product clean, so you get a great result every time.


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