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Microfog 9EP 11.7 kW HDPE Thermal Fogger

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The Microfog range is designed for the application of insecticides to control flies and mosquitoes, fumigants to control stored product pests, disinfectants and other products applied as a finely atomised fog solution typically around 4-8um in particle size.

All models are certified as compliant to the latest World Health Organisation specifications for portable thermal foggers for vector control.

  • Fully compliant with international standards for vector control equipment
  • Easy start ignition system
  • New intake design and spark ignition system eliminates petrol overflow Accurate droplet size control
  • Unique injection system minimises exposure to hot gasses
  • Reversible fog tube for oil or water-based formulations
  • Automatic emergency solution cut off valve

Versatile and efficient foggers

Produced from high quality materials, the Microfog range of durable thermal  fogging  machines  are  used  to  disperse  liquids  as  fine, accurately sized particles in the range of 5 – 10 μm (oil) and 10 – 30 μm (water). Suitable for operating in indoor and outdoor environments. Foggers are used for:

  • Routine mosquito control in urban environments
  • Control of important human and animal disease vectors
  • Insect and disease control in warehouses and agricultural stored products
  • Routine fogging in food premises
  • Disinfection and fogging in poultry, pig and dairy houses
  • Fogging in plantation crops

The unit can be used with most water and oil based formulations including  fungicides,  insecticides,  miticides,  odour  neutralisers, biocides and disinfectants.


Durable and reliable construction

The Microfog range is fully compliant with international standards for vector control equipment. Certificates are available.

All  the  component  parts  are  manufactured  from  high  grade materials resistant to UV and chemical degradation. The resonator tube  is  also  made  from  high  grade  steel  which  is  resistant  to heat.  The  fogger  has  a  large  diaphragm  carburettor  with  a  cast aluminium body for reliable performance and durability, as well as a brass precision engineered fuel injector and air/fuel mixer.

The  Microfog    foggers    are  equipped  with  an  electronic  ignition system  which  enables  immediate  start  up.  The  unit  is  also equipped with an automatic emergency solution cut off valve for enhanced  safety.  Microfog’s  unique  injection  system  minimises exposure  to  hot  gasses  which  means  active  ingredients  are  not exposed to excessive heat.

The machines have a reversible fog tube to enable the use of oil or water-based formulations and are supplied with a tool kit, funnel, ear defenders and a detailed instruction manual.



Dimensions (cm): 27cm W x 34cm H x 114cm L

Weight (empty): 7.1Kg

Combustion chamber output: 11 kW (approx)

Fuel tank: 1.2 l HDPE

Fuel consumption: 1.2 l/h (approx)

Solution tank: 6.0 l HDPE

Solution output: 8 – 42 l/h (approx)

Pressure in solution tank: 0.3 bar (approx)

Solution nozzles: 0.8 – 2.0 mm

Ignition power source: 4 x 1.5 volt batteries


Standard Accessories

1 set of solution nozzles: 0.8mm = approx.

10 l/h 1.0mm = approx.


1 fuel funnel, 1 solution funnel: 1 set of maintenance tools

1 set of cleaning tools: 1 solution suction pipe, long

1 set of seals and diaphragms: Yes. Consult the instructions manual

A set of adjustable straps: Yes. Consult the instructions manual



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